Saturday, 25 April

Posted April 25th, 2009 by IP

The spring winds that we heard so much about must be blowing today. They began during the night and are huffing and puffing for all they are worth this morning. The sky is overcast – whether that’s from clouds or dust, I don’t know.  The morning wind hasn’t dampened the enthusiasm of a group of young boys who are playing soccer on the field of the housing compound. From our vantage point on the other side of the compound, they look like bright fall leaves as they race across the field in their colorful jackets.  Just a few weeks ago, that very spot where they are now running was an ice skating rink! When the temperature began to drop below freezing last year, the compound grounds staff built a wooden frame, lined it with plastic, and then filled it with water. Grownups, kids and dogs had a great time all through the long, cold winter, skating or playing ice hockey and broomball. I watched from a distance as I neither like extreme cold nor wish to tempt fate when there’s ice around! We came through our first winter unscathed, I’m happy to say. I look forward to spring, and have worked with Jesse this week to prepare our green house plot. I check it every day in hopes of seeing a green shoot poking up through the soil. So far, we planted some corn and sunflower seeds, as well as a few wildflower mix. Tomorrow I’ll plant morning glories as I finally remembered to soak the seeds in water. This afternoon Josh and I worked on the rest of our green house plot…it seems we get a bonus space as our plot is at one end of the row and next to it is a smaller bit where I think I shall try squash and watermelon…

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