Sunday, 2 August: Where we go most Sundays

Posted August 2nd, 2009 by IP

There’s a great place in UB to eat if you want generous portions at very reasonable prices: Joel’s Slice of Heaven! Tucked away in the Bubbling Springs building behind the American Food Store is an unassuming place that serves up a repast that satisfies even the bottomless pits of three hungry young men.

Joel, a native of England and his wife, Augie, perform their miracles in this modest restaurant. Our favorites are the chicken and mushroom nuggets, both served with a yummy garlic mayo. Our usual order consists of the nuggets followed by chicken or beef quesadillas, Philly cheese steak, and a burger.

Today, Joel told us that he is also planning to sell vacuumed packed portions of ready to cook, chicken, beef, and pork. We took home a freshly packed order of chicken fajita to enjoy another day. Our entire meal for five persons, plus the take home pack was under $50!

Here are some pics from today’s meal and Sunday’s past.

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