Sunday, 2 August more on the garden

Posted August 2nd, 2009 by IP

Headed over to the garden this morning around 1130 since I didn’t go yesterday. Josh took Max to the dog run to toss tennis balls while I watered the plots. As I approached the garden, a sparrow flew through the open door. He must have flown out the hole in the back window, because I didn’t see him after going inside. It was probably too hot for him anyway! Due to the strong sun and high altitude, it was very hot and humid inside.

After I watered all the plots and pulled some weeds, I decided to use the watering can spout to push up the plastic ceiling where water had collected from the rain on Friday night. This is rather fun as the water cascades down the sides – most of the time. Unbeknownst do me, there was a hole in one area and when I pushed up the water rushed in and down on me! Ugh, nothing like a shower of dirty water!

Before leaving, I took the pics below. The garden has a different perspective in the morning than it does in the evening when I usually go by.

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  1. NJ

    Wow, your garden’s looking more like a jungle! That’s some explosive growth happening there, but at least you have the space for it. I’m going to have to prune out some of my plants since there’s just too much for a couple of pots…

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