Thursday, 18 June

Posted June 18th, 2009 by IP

Our garden is growing very quickly now.  The change from day to day is quite noticeable.  We can harvest enough salad every day for dinner…yum!  Today I remembered to bring the camera and now have some pics to share.  Check out the difference between now and last April when we planted the seeds.

20090618 Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow? 20090618 shisho, salad, squash 20090618 Squash is taking over our plot! 20090618 Four o'clock 20090618 radish sprouts 20090618 The bubble garden in Ulaanbaatar Star Apartment Compound as seen from our end 20090618 The bubble garden viewed from the entrance.  Our plot is the far right at the back

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  1. NJ

    Your garden is pretty amazing…and I think I see the corn too?

    I definitely plan on starting some flowers, herbs, maybe tomatoes… but whatever I grow has to be in pots, and has to be something that will (usually) get lots of morning sunshine, but be in the shade from the afternoon onwards. Any suggestions?

    I probably should ask around here and see what grows during this season (rainy season).

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