Monday, 15 June

Posted June 15th, 2009 by IP

It’s 2212 and before the month escapes me, wanted to do a quick update.  The computer is running so slowly that Tuesday may well arrive before I am successfully able to do so!

The garden is thriving.  We visit it every day and it’s amazing how much it’s changed.  Usually in the afternoon, either Jess or Josh and I stroll over with watering cans in hand.  We’ve taken to watering neighboring plots as well and it’s such a delight seeing how everything is sprouting.  At first, we didn’t weed, but as things began growing, it was obvious that some of those green and growing things were not what we planted.  We now weed a bit every day rather than attacking them all at once.  Besides being less of a chore, this has the added benefit of keeping the soil loose otherwise it packs down rather solidly.

Today the wind was blowing very strongly when we went around 1830.  The plastic covering has pulled away from some of the support poles next to the entrance on the right side and on the opposite end where our plot is.  We keep putting it back in place with the clips, but by our next visit, the clips have popped off again.  Overall the covering is holding otherwise the wind would likely knock everything flat!

Our most prolific plants are each of the three different kinds of squash – much to the boys’ delight – and salad.  The squash leaves are almost a large as umbrellas, and I guess we will likely have to do what others before us have done: coax the growing vines out of the gaps in the plastic and onto the ground outside.  Otherwise, they will overtake the entire greenhouse!  We have enjoyed several meals accompanied by salad from our garden.  The difference in taste between what we’ve grown and what we’ve bought in the store could not be more evident.  Ours is so fresh and crisp.  What a delight to actually serve the fruits – or salad – of our harvest.

Today, Josh and I pulled a few more weeds and planted some radish, carrots, and marigolds.  The radish seeds we planted last week are already coming up!

Pics will have to follow a bit later as I keep forgetting to bring the camera along with me.  If I wait too much longer, the squash leaves will cover the plot and nothing else will be visible.   Well, that’s it for today…now to see if I can actually post this before it turns Tuesday!

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  1. NJ

    Wow, makes me really want to try gardening!! It’s on my to-do list of things for my place but… furniture does take priority 🙁 I hope you can put up pics soon! 🙂

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