2009.05.03.Joel’s Slice of Heaven

Posted August 2nd, 2009 by IP

2 Responses to “2009.05.03.Joel’s Slice of Heaven”

  1. Chris

    ooh, can you tell me where this cafe is?


  2. IP

    Go down the street that runs between the Hotel Continental and the Star Apartments. Heading away from the new Childrens Park go over the bridge and head towards the intersection with the traffic light. You will want to take the last street on your left, just before the intersection. If you are traveling from the intersection, then take the first street on your right. Go down this street to the first street on your left. You’ll be in a cul de sac with the Bubbling Springs School on your right. (The American Food Store is also located in the same courtyard as the Bubbling Springs school). Go up the wooden steps of the BS school and through the door. Joel’s is just to your right. His new garlic pizza is really good, but needs to be ordered in advance.

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